The Gift of Positivity

POSITIVITY: Positivity – not a word often associated with my endocrinology appointments. I attended the Consultants yesterday afternoon after spending the morning trying to unknot my stomach and put my mind at rest about the past three months. Three months I would love to forget but what turned out to be, in a twisted turn, … Continue reading

Best Before

Since New Year I have been on MDI – I made a decision to come off pump therapy during a bout of Flu which saw me bed-ridden for 8 days. To try and gain some control over my wildly erratic numbers I thought my best option was to inject background and check often between boluses. … Continue reading

A Mother’s Intuition

Mum woke with a start at 1am. A bad feeling washed through her. All she knew was that she had to come and check on me, make sure I was safe. On second thoughts, check my BG too. That would be a good idea. She collected my kit and crept into my room to my … Continue reading

Dear D

Dear D, how do I live with thee? Your mood swings, bad tempers and silly ways I do wonder, will we ever agree? Your creativity; rebellion never seizes to amaze Dear D, how do I live with thee? You ignore shots, pleas and sighs of defeat Sometimes I fear I am lost at sea! You … Continue reading


23:55 – sweating, shaking, confused 23:56 – BG 3.0mmol/L (54mg/dl), juice box, biscuit 23:57 – fainted 00:01 – waking up, head on table and unsure where I am 4 minutes. Doesn’t sound a long time does it?       Just 4 minutes. What happened during those few minutes? The thing with a hypo is … Continue reading

A Sweet Thing?

Question: Is an insulin pump really worth it? I’m not meaning to sound like a ‘Debbie Downer’ but… I just don’t know. Having just recovered from a bout of Flu (Yes! I did have my vaccine) I found my pump, let’s say, useless in controlling my constant BG highs and blood ketone alerts during the … Continue reading

Here I Sit Again…

Here I sit again, nearly a year to the day When I found a letter on the table laid The postmark brought dread, a fear came my way Was my past coming back, wishing to be paid? A debt, a revenge, an obstacle waiting Screening results printed with words so painful The outcome, though slow, … Continue reading