Breaking the habit

To kick my first post off I would like to ask everyone how they manage to control their weight or lose it. I realise many will not have this problem but if you are anything like myself then for every 1 unit of insulin you take you will put on a pound!  Slight exaggeration I know but it really does feel like that is the case!

Yesterday I made the huge decision to sacrifice my Diet Coke. Having trialled and failed at many courses of action on my quest for weight loss I have finally conceded to the fact it may, just may, be the excessive daily consumption of my beloved soda. I must add in here that as I write this my mind is screaming in a debate with itself, on the one hand I want it to work and on the other? It’s my one and only vice, the worst thing in my diet which allows limitless consumption in respect of containing 0 calories and 0% fat. Surely I should be allowed at least that?

Only 24 hours in to the new regime and already I miss my hit of the good stuff. I never considered myself to be addicted to diet soda until yesterday when I longed for the crack of the aluminium opening as I ring-pull it, the sound of bubbles hurriedly rising to the top of the can and then the soothing feel of the fizzy cold nectar. Yep, I am addicted. No doubt about that, I LOVE IT!

Although I am sure this topic has been covered time and time again I am yet to read research conclusive in its thesis of diet drinks and positive weight gain. Further research needs to be done to find the link rather than to guess at its relationship (which is guessed at being based on a lack of a sugar hit therefore causing snacking after consumption).

A blog I happened to come across also discusses the issue of diet coke, health and weight.  The article was guest blogged by Allison Blass for Diabetes Mine and can be found here:

Obviously on the other hand there is also the much debated issue of its contents. Aspartame (the artificial sweetener used in most diet products to replace sugar) has long been dogged by reports of side effects including headaches. So either way I am doomed to the painful head… harrumph. Until further notice and/or results of testing we will not know the true story and so are to make up our own minds. Dangerous territory for me my friends! *reaches for a cold soda*

My dilemma here is that I have yet to come to the decision of whether to simply wean myself off of it or to keep on going, cold turkey. Having been cold turkey for a whole day I am embarrassed to admit I have suffered with a stinking headache already! It may just be a huge coincidence but more than likely not. Oh dear, would a daily treat of a single can be all that bad…? Considering the poor state of my head, then yes it would!

So as I go into my second day without my crutch I am praying for willpower capable of crippling even the strongest of bonds.


Get in touch and tell me your hints, tips and tried and tested paths. Together we will find our individual success! Good Luck everyone!



It is worth noting that although there are a lot of blogs and websites containing the same issues many are unfounded and where research has been done they are mainly based upon its association with Type 2 and Pre-Diabetes. Be careful what you search for and get a hold of!


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2 thoughts on “Breaking the habit

  1. I have been drinking cokes since I was 18. I’m now 47. I’m so addicted and it’s in combo with smoking. Can’t have a cig w/o a diet coke, Dr. Pepper or Dr. Pepper 10 Just had back surgery. Not going great. Think I’m worse than before. Motrin last only so long. Out of other drugs. Now what?

    • Hi Wynne, thanks for the comment.
      So sorry to hear that you feel the operation hasn’t been a 100% success. Motrin (ibuprofen) usually last around 4 hours and can be taken with other medications to enhance its effectiveness.
      I am not a Dr and suggest you return to ask for something a little stronger if they are not doing what you feel they should be. I wish you luck in the remainder of your recovery and struggle to break the cig/diet coke cycle :)

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